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About Me

Educated to Teach:

Fully Certified Instructor with years of experience and training.

How it works

A few things I am great at:



I come to you! Set the location where you want your instructor to teach from.


Time Commitment

Choose a designated amount of time you can commit to and that works well with your schedule.



Fully certified, years of experience and always ready for a new challenge. 


Set Goals

Before or on your first day of lessons, discuss with your instructor the goals that you have for your swim lessons.


Learn to Swim

Attend your swimming lessons and begin to see yourself grow!


Continual Evaluation

 I will continually be evaluating so that you are learning and so that your goals can be met or adjugated.

Working Together

You should never feel alone. New skills can be hard but we are trained to make them accessible to everyone. Working together we can accomplish it.

Your Personalized Goals

Whatever you want to learn, we will work with you. The curriculum is your own.


Time is a precious commodity in this world and we will not waste yours. Book it to your schedule and learn at your own pace.

The Secret of Success


The Smiles are the Success Stories!

Client Testimonials

Here are what other people have to say!

We have used Lauren for three summers now for private lessons with our 3.5 – year-old son. She has gained his trust very quickly and is always able to keep him engaged.

Josh and Celeste Esau

We were so thankful to have Lauren as a swim instructor for our three children. She is amazing at what she does!

Kyriel Funk

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Our Team

Currently just Lauren but looking to hire.

Lauren Blakemore

Owner and Instuctor

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